Tony Hickey Embraces Community Spirit

Tony Hickey was born on the Gold Coast, started his business life and raises his family on the Gold Coast. This highly respected lawyer formed a legal partnership Hickey Lawyers in 1993 which had 12 employees. He is now the Owner and Managing Partner of Hickey Lawyers, with more than 60 staff.

Passionate about contributing to the society in which he lives, Tony spends a considerable amount of his spare time supporting Somerset College, the school where his four children were educated. As Chair of the Somerset College School Council, Tony is in an ideal position to contribute to the continuing excellence of this famous Coast seat of learning.

“It’s a great school, he says, “It’s the sort of environment that impressed me from the very first time I walked around the place with the Principal. You could see the students and the way they respected the teachers. The whole culture there has a good ‘feeling’ about it.”

Being able to help the school is something that Tony enjoys. “Yes, I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. It’s one of the best opportunities we have. If you are going to help anyone you should help the place that is going to educate your children,” he says.

Tony also lends a huge helping hand to the Salvation Army. He has been the Chairman of their Red Shield Appeal for South East Queensland for the past 12 years and considers it very rewarding working with such an organisation.

“The Salvation Army is extraordinary,” he says, “They help people with a ‘hands on’ Christian approach and without looking for anything at all in return. And they really appreciate and look for assistance from the business community because they don’t profess to have any experience or expertise in that area.

“They are very humble in their approach but it’s just great for me and other business people that I am associated with, to see how they work. So, it’s a pleasure to be involved and whenever I need assistance, some of my good friends and business associates easily come and help.”

“As a lawyer it’s very rewarding to be able to help people. That’s what it’s all about and that’s how you get satisfaction about what you do,” he says.

It’s obvious this highly respected Gold Coast businessman likes to live his life to the full, and for the benefit of others as well as himself. Tony’s generosity with his time and energy towards the local community also brings him real personal joy and satisfaction.