Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Breakfast 2015

This year’s Salvation Army Breakfast, organised by Tony Hickey, was a tribute to the philanthropic spirit of the Gold Coast and particularly the Gold Coast business community; raising a grand total of $540,000.

The morning started off with pre-commitments from major donors of $296,000. Tony challenged the room to raise off the floor $100,000, so that they could hit a target of $400,000.

After a short discussion with Soheil Abedian, Tony issued his challenge to the room. If they raised $100,000, Soheil and the Abedian Foundation would donate another $100,000.

The room responded magnificently and raised off the floor $141,000 and then collected a cheque from Soheil for $100,000. The grand total for the morning was an outstanding $540,000, which will do so much good for the needy of the Gold Coast.