We use our knowledge, experience and extensive network to identify, assess and deliver quality projects.

Our Story

The story of Hickeys is about a passion for business functionality and a reputation for being able to bring a network of people to the table. It proves due diligence can deliver buildings and projects that define a generation and engineer success in Australia from anywhere on the globe.

In truth, it is the art of doing business – a model of trust and bond – that sets Hickeys apart.

Tony Hickey

Our History

Having founded Hickey Lawyers in 1993, Tony Hickey’s interest and enthusiasm for large-scale asset growth and project development, led to him to becoming the Australian connection for a select group of offshore investors. This all-encompassing role was integral to the establishment of Hickeys.

What We Do

Hickeys is an exclusive Owner’s Representative, Asset, Development, Project and Construction Management firm.

On project completion, Hickeys provide Property Management, Caretaking, Building Management and Letting Services; including short term, long term and holiday letting.

We engineer outcomes on what for many might seem an insurmountable playing field. We work with owners and their advisors to run, manage and coordinate every aspect of their investment, with regular reports and key discussions held in person.

Our step-by-step process is completed with absolute integrity and dedication to doing the right thing in the right way at the right time.

Our values stem from our respect for:

  • long-term business relationships and bonds
  • trust and loyalty
  • family and community
  • reputation

Hickeys currently manages assets and projects in Australia for clients in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

Hickeys is currently managing a portfolio of AU$1 billion of projects and assets.

How We Work

Our major investment is in relationships.

We use the strength of our business, government and community relationships to develop and manage visionary projects, bringing them to fruition, to live and give to future generations.

Identify Opportunities

Assess risk with an honest appraisal

Deliver the asset to completion

Manage the asset after completion

We assist in identifying assets and bringing them through the entire development process. If the reality of the location, the processes and procedures, financial and environmental demands and social cultural significance merits the dream, we put avenues in place to begin the journey and co-operate with the owner, the governing bodies, the experts and the best people to serve our common purpose.



We can provide a complete range of development and project management services or we can tailer to suit our clients needs.